Amazon, And Not Google, Has Finally Acquired Twitch

August 26, 2014 Technology


The Amazon-Twitch deal comes as a big surprise as we were made to believe that Google has already sealed the deal. From reports about Google eyeing twitch for YouTube, buying the company secretly and staying tight lipped on the acquisition, we’ve heard it all. Moreover, Google’s YouTube buying Twitch made more sense...

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LG Announced a Pen-enabled G3 Variant To Debut At IFA

August 26, 2014 Gadgets


LG Electronics (LG) has announced a new variant of its flagship smartphone – the LG G3. The new phone will come with a stylus. The LG G3 Stylus is a pen-enabled smartphone that offers a large display and many of the premium user experience (UX) features of the G3.

The G3 Stylus comes with a 5.5-inch qHD display and boasts the same Floating Arc tapered edges, thin bezels and metallic skin design first introduced in the LG G3...

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Facelock: Newly Proposed Authentication System That Uses Face Recognition

June 25, 2014 Internet


Simple passwords are easy to remember but easy to crack; complex passwords are hard to crack but hard to remember. So what if you can have an authentication system that others cannot crack and you do not forget?

That can be a possible as researchers have claimed that “Facelock”, a newly proposed alternative based on the psychology of face recognition, could put an end to forgotten passwords and protect users from prying eyes.

The concept relies on the fact that humans can recognize familiar face...

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Device Developed To Detect Alcohol In Moving Car

June 4, 2014 Technology


Scientists has developed a laser device that can detect alcohol in moving car. It ‘senses’ the presence of alcohol vapor in cars and alerts the cops waiting at the next corner to nab you.

Marco Gianinetto from Politecnico di Milano (Polytechnic University of Milan), Italy, said “We have demonstrated how a laser device could be effectively used for detecting drunken drivers and, thereby, helping to reduce the number of accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol”

A similar technolo...

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NASA Found Alien Planet — Mega-Earth — 17 Times Heavier Than Our Earth

June 4, 2014 Science


Scientists have just discovered a new type of huge and rocky alien world about 560 light-years from Earth. The planet, sighted by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Kepler spacecraft, is located 560 light years from Earth and circles a Sun-like star every 45 days, The finding was reported yesterday at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston.

Dubbed a “mega-Earth,” the exoplanet Kepler-10c is 17 times as massive as our planet and circles a sunlike star in the c...

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WhatsApp Back On Windows App Store With New Features

June 4, 2014 AppsInternet


Few days back, Microsoft had pulled out popular messaging app WhatsApp from the Windows Phone store, citing reasons like technical issues. Now its Looks like, the problem has been fixed. The WhatsApp app is not only back in store, but also gets some new features. In a tweet, Joe Belfiore announced that WhatsApp is back and working.

The new features in WhatsApp include chat backgrounds, better privacy settings and the ability to customise notification tones...

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Apple Unveiled New Programming Language ‘Swift’

June 4, 2014 Technology


At its WWDC developer event, Apple surprised all of the developers by launching a new programming language called Swift. This new language seems to be poised to replace Objective-C as the main programming language on Apple’s platforms. Apple designed Swift to be as intuitive and easy to use as popular interpreted languages such as Python and JavaScript, while maintaining the speed and flexibility of compiled languages such as C++.

WWDC is a gathering of people who build software applications f...

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Researchers Implanted Wireless Pacemaker In A Rabbit

May 21, 2014 ScienceTechnology


A group of researchers have built a wirelessly powered pacemaker and successfully implanted it in a rabbit. If the results hold up, a new generation of smaller and safer medical implants could be on the market in the next 5 to 10 years.

Without needing bulky batteries, the devices could also become much smaller–the size of a grain of rice, as in the case of this pacemaker.

An assistant professor of electrical engineering, Poon developed the technique she calls mid-field wireless transfer after y...

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